20 Mukhi Rudraksha | Panchaboota

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  • It gives you a record-breaking success and makes you competent for others.
  • It makes you forthright and adds weight to your words that others acknowledge.
  • It controls all nine planets in the horoscope; it gives success despite the Dasha you are going through.
  • It makes you impressively creative & artistic that if you want, you could even make a name in such fields.
  • It lessens the threat of accidents, snake bites, and other mis happenings.
  • It opens up the doors of abundance for you and makes you rich with all resources.
  • It showers onto you the blessings of the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh), thus, makes you a humdinger.
  • It gives success, honour, satisfaction, struggle-free life, and wish fulfilment, thus, promotes mental peace.

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20 mukhi

Jawa beeds, Indonasia, Puja not performed, Panchamuki puja performed


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